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KnowX wants to help you make well informed decisions today with the introduction of our Background Check Unlimited Search Subscription for only $99.95 per month or our $24.95 Day Pass.

Our Background Check can help you quickly discover if the business you're researching has a clear or troublesome business history. The Background Check simultaneously searches five databases to help you determine litigation history, liabilities, and financial condition of a company or individual.

KnowX provides its users with fast access to national public records. The information that we provide is compiled from official records collection sources and updated regularly. We strive to make public record information accessible to all Web users, from the professional researcher to the novice user through user-friendly products and at prices that are reasonable.

Enjoy the comfort of knowing who you're dealing with today by entering the name and state in the search box below.


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What do you get?

  • Best Value - 30 Day Pass
    Unlimited Background Check searches for only $99.95* per month.
  • Great Value - Day Pass
    Unlimited Background Check searches for only $24.95* per day.

Why YOU should take advantage of this special offer:

  • Save money on search fees
  • Includes unlimited searches on one of our most popular products for a low, flat rate
  • Background Check searches individual & business filings for:
    • Bankruptcy
    • Judgments
    • Lawsuits
    • Liens
    • UCC Filings
* Criminal records not included in Background Check.

** Detail records are not included in the price of this subscription


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