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If you are a KnowX subscriber, KnowX offers immediate access via credit card billing.

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At Rapsheets®, we sincerely appreciate your business and continued patronage. Today, we're proud to announce that we've upgraded your account to offer a complete public records research solution through KnowX, a LexisNexis® Risk Solutions service, located at

KnowX provides fast access to national public records, including bankruptcy, liens and judgments. Credentialed users can quickly and easily check criminal history, find court records, investigate and estimate property values as well as research businesses. We compile data from official records collection sources and update it regularly, often every day.
Thank you for allowing us to serve you with innovative products and services that provide outstanding value.
If you are a current Rapsheets customer, your username is now active on KnowX with a prefix of RS. For example, if your username was "jsmith" on Rapsheets, your KnowX username is "RSjsmith". Please click here to create your password. If you are a credit card customer, you will be asked to provide updated billing information upon logging in to the website for the first time. Customers who received invoice billing from RapSheets will continue to receive invoice billing from KnowX.

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